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Report Games via RAMP Gamesheet App

Ringette Ontario has upgraded all standard gamesheets to digital gamesheets through the use of the RAMP Gamesheet APP. The app will be used by teams, timekeepers and referees to enter game details. You can find the Gamesheet app in the google play store as well as the apple store.The following resources are a direct copy of what is posted on the Ringette Ontario website, under RAMP GAMESHEET header.The following links are pdfs that will open in a new window:

Reschedule or Cancellation Requests

Stay tuned for new information on rescheduling or cancelling games.

Cancelling Games Within 48 Hours of Game Time

If the game is within 48 hours of game time, phone calls MUST be made in the following order until someone is reached:

    • Donna Sarazin, ERRA Assigner, 613-327-9244
    • Stephanie Black, ERRA Coordinator, 613-227-2995
    • Zoe Hart, NCRRL Referee in Chief, 613-668-2623

For games on Gatineau ice, please contact the Gatineau Referee-in-Chief at

If no one can be reached then messages should be left and a response confirmed.

Then you must fill in the Cancelled Game Report located at GamehubIf this game time is in the past the cancellation button will not be displayed. Please contact for assistance.

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