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The Home Team manager or delegate must report the game results on this form within 24 hours of the game, preferably immediately following the game. It will be electronically delivered to your Community Statistician, the NCRRL League Statistician, and other NCRRL officials.

Please note the white copy of the scoresheet must be delivered to your Community Statistician.

Need Login Information?

Coaches and managers, if you have not received your login credentials yet in order to update scores, please contact and provide the following information

  • Your name
  • Email
  • Division of play for your team (ex. U8, U12 Provincial)
  • Your home association (ex. CORA, MDRA)

Cancelling Games Within 48 Hours of Game Time

If the game is within 48 hours of game time, phone calls MUST be made in the following order until someone is reached:

  • Kristy Bremer, ERRA Assigner, 613-863-5588
  • Donna Sarazin, ERRA Assigner, 613-327-9244
  • Michelle Bainbridge, Referee-in-Chief for the NCRRL
    home: 613-832-1055, cell: 613-219-1463

For games on Gatineau ice, please contact the Gatineau Referee-in-Chief at

If no one can be reached then messages should be left and a response confirmed.

Then you must fill in the Cancelled Game Report located at Gamehub. The cancellation button is to the left of each game listed in the team’s schedule. If this game time is in the past the cancellation button will not be displayed. Please contact for assistance.

Unreported Games

Game #DivisionDateTimeArenaAway TeamHome Team
1235U8 RSunday 18 November 201812:00 PMSt. LaurentKingstonGCRA - Cavers
1521U8 RSaturday 15 December 20181:30 PMKanata RC BKingstonWest Ottawa - Everton
1619U8 RSaturday 05 January 201911:00 AMOrleans-SenecalNepean - McIntyreGCRA - Cavers
1746U12 Provincial RedSaturday 26 January 20199:30 AMBeaudryGatineau - HardyGatineau - Brisson
1764U10 R RedSaturday 26 January 20197:00 PMMetcalfeGCRA - BurchillMetcalfe - Clare
1767U8 RSunday 27 January 20199:30 AMSportsplex 2Ottawa - IsaacNepean - Dawley
1784U8 RSunday 27 January 20195:00 PMChestervilleUpper Ottawa ValleyMetcalfe - McCloskey
1790U10 R BlueSaturday 02 February 201911:00 AMGoulbourn RC AGatineau - CroteauWest Ottawa - Ferguson
1738U10 R BlueSunday 03 February 20198:00 AMMetcalfeWest Ottawa - FergusonMetcalfe - Hull
1804U8 RSunday 03 February 201912:30 PMArnprior BOttawa - IsaacArnprior - Oliver - Munro
1817U10 R BlueSaturday 09 February 20199:30 AMBeaudryGCRA - ArcherGatineau - Croteau
1820U12 Regional RedSaturday 09 February 20192:00 PMBaribeauOttawa - KingstoneGatineau - Saumure
1828U10 R RedSunday 10 February 201912:00 PMSt. LaurentOttawa - FrechetteGCRA - Burchill
1834U12 Provincial RedSunday 10 February 20194:00 PMPotvinGatineau - BrissonGCRA - Miedema
1836U9 R BlueSaturday 16 February 20199:00 AMSportsplex 1Metcalfe - O'NeillNepean - Stynes
1837U12 Regional RedSaturday 16 February 20199:30 AMBeaudryOttawa - KingstoneGatineau - Gauthier
1840U10 R BlueSaturday 16 February 201910:00 AMKilreaWest Ottawa - FergusonOttawa - Van Walleghem
1841U8 RSaturday 16 February 201910:00 AMGoulbourn RC AKingstonWest Ottawa - Everton
1838U8 RSaturday 16 February 201910:00 AMTom BrownGCRA - CaversOttawa - Cyr
1839U8 RSaturday 16 February 201910:00 AMBrewerMetcalfe - MillerOttawa - Isaac
1842U19 BSaturday 16 February 201910:30 AMBeaudryOttawa - BergmansGatineau - Fortin
1844U12 Provincial BlueSaturday 16 February 201911:00 AMBrewerGatineau - LortieOttawa - Stass
1845U14 ASaturday 16 February 201911:00 AMKilreaGCRA - BillingsOttawa - Moodie
1843U12 Regional RedSaturday 16 February 201911:00 AMTom BrownKingstonOttawa - Lafontaine
1848U9 R RedSaturday 16 February 201912:00 PMGoulbourn RC AOttawa - WaddellWest Ottawa - Gavine
1846U14 CSaturday 16 February 201912:00 PMKilreaNepean - MathiesonOttawa - Glinski
1847U10 R RedSaturday 16 February 201912:00 PMOrleans-SenecalMetcalfe - ClareGCRA - Hibbeln
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