Coaches & Managers

On this page you’ll find information that all teams, and specifically all coaches, should be aware of.  PLEASE NOTE:  This is a summary only.  For complete rule details, please refer to the appropriate operating manual (NCRRL, ERRA or Ringette Ontario).  If you have any questions or require clarification regarding anything found here, please contact your appropriate NCRRL level convenor.

Call Ups

The Call Ups page contains information on allowable call-ups within the NCRRL.

Disciplinary Rules

The Disciplinary Rules contains information on disciplinary process and rules surrounding it. Please note that some occurrences MUST be promptly reported to the ERRA G&T Coordinator by both coaches regardless of who committed the alleged infraction.


The Rescheduling page includes information on the NCRRL Rescheduling process, when it is permitted to reschedule a game and dealing with inclement weather.

Seeding & Re-Seeding

The NCRRL seeding and re-seeding process is described on the Seeding & Re-Seeding page.


While there sometimes exists an overlapping of responsibility, ERRA and NCRRL are separate entities with their own executive boards.

ERRA (Eastern Region Ringette Association) represents the administrative arm of ORA and is one of the six regions within the Ontario Ringette Association. ERRA governs all teams in this part of the province from Bunnies to Open.

NCRRL (National Capital Region Ringette League) oversees and provides league (non-tournament) game competition for all U19 and younger teams in Eastern Region, as well as participating teams from Gatineau. Currently the NCRRL places AA teams in the LERQ and U19 A and U16 A teams in the LRQ in order to provide a wider range of competition for these teams. The NCRRL remains responsible for any disciplinary matters that arise from the participation of these teams in league play (any U19 or younger ERRA teams participating in any league). Open teams (19 years and older) in Eastern Region play under the GAARA banner or NRL.


Coaching Qualifications to participate in either NCRRL or Tournament Games fall under the purview of Ringette Ontario and ERRA. Links to these rules may be found on the ERRA Website at:

Ontario Tournaments

Tournaments played in Ontario are Ringette Ontario sanctioned events, and ERRA oversees all of the tournaments in this region. It’s important to note that NCRRL specific rules may not apply in these events. Tournament rules are well publicized and given to each participating team at the start of the event. Make sure you are aware of these.

There are several tournaments, both locally and throughout the province, which are very popular. It’s in the best interest of your team to decide very early in the season which tournaments you plan to enter and to send in your registration forms. After that be sure to advise your association’s ice scheduler which tournament(s) your team has applied for. This will greatly reduce the number of NCRRL rescheduled game requests throughout the year.

Shot Clocks

Shot Clocks will be used by all U12 and older Divisions in NCRRL. They are to be used/provided by the home team. The Home team must also provide the minor official to run them.

Minor Officials

The “Home” team is responsible for providing minor officials (Timekeeper, Scorekeeper and where applicable, Shot Clock operator).


Mouthguards are recommended for all players during NCRRL League play, but it is not mandatory.

Reporting of Game Results

The NCRRL uses an on-line game reporting systems. Game scores are displayed, and on-line unofficial standings are automatically updated as each report is submitted. The Home Team is responsible for reporting the game results as soon as practicable after the game, and not later than 24 hours after the completion of the game.

Games are to be reported on Gamehub – the NCRRL online reporting system. In addition to live updates on the NCRRL web site, this report will be sent electronically to the Associations of both teams involved and to selected NCRRL officials. In addition, the White copy of the game sheet must be submitted to their Association Statistician who will then mail them to the NCRRL Statistician, noting any changes or errors that may have been made in the electronic reporting.


3.07 Teams must address all complaints, except those regarding on-ice officials (see next section), through their appropriate Association League Representative. Their representative will then contact the League Age Group Convener. No parents or coaches are allowed to call any member of the NCRRL Executive. All complaints etc. must go through their Association Representative first.

Complaints Regarding On-Ice Officials

2.09 Complaints regarding on-ice officials must be raised by the Association’s League Representative in writing to the NCRRL Referee-in-Chief. The procedure for handling these is described in the ORA Operating Manual in the Officiating section. (see “Officiating” under

Contact Your Convenor

A list of the NCRRL convenors is found here. Your respective level convenor should be your first point of contact concerning anything to do with the league. Any concerns arising from tournament play or Prelims should be directed to the ERRA Games & Tournaments Coordinator.

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