Player Call Up Rules

Player Eligibility and Call UP Rules – Regular Season

(For Regular Season Only – see following section for call up rules for Year end event)

To be eligible to play, a player must register in her home Association and must be registered with Ringette Ontario (RO) or Ringuette Québec.

A team may call up a player within the same Association or from another Association as a substitute for a missing player, but may only call up the same player a maximum of three (3) times during the season. To align with RO rules, players may be called up from the same age division or one lower, same caliber or less; or one caliber higher only, one age division lower.

For example, U16B can call up a player from U16B or U16C, U14A or U14B/C. U14B can call up a player from U14B or C, U12A/B/C.

Substitution Matrix

The NCRRL has aligned their call up matrix with the RO substitution chart. The RO substitution chart may be found in the Games & Tournaments Chapter of the RO Operating Manual. If the preceding link no longer works, please go to

For the purposes of interpreting the chart for the NCRRL:

  • Where the RO substitution chart indicates “Regional G&T” for the NCRRL this is the appropriate NCRRL age group convener.
  • Where the RO substitution chart indicates “Provincial G&T” for the NCRRL this is the NCRRL Executive. Contact the appropriate NCRRL age group convener and they will seek Executive approval.

Lateral call ups are permitted but all teams should first look for call ups from within lower divisions (that follow the call up matrix) before seeking other girls for laterals.

A team may call up enough players to bring its roster up to twelve (12) skaters maximum, but not to exceed its number of registered players. If the number of registered players is less than 10 skaters and a goalie, teams are permitted to call up to 10 skaters and a goalie.

Note that these rules apply to league games only. See the RO Operating Manual, Games & Tournaments Section, for call up rules for tournaments.

The use of an ineligible player will result in the game being defaulted.

Exceptions to call up rules for goalies

Goalies are exempt from the 3 time limitation.  In every game involving a call up of a goalie using this exemption, an email must be submitted to the League Age Group Convener specifying the team, the name of the call up and what team she is registered with, along with the game number, date, time and division of the game. Complete details of the call up MUST be written on the comments of the Game Sheet before the game commences. Details must include all of the information above.

Designation of Call UP Players on Game Sheet

Call up players shall be designated as such on the game sheet, including age and skill level. This information, for both teams, must also be included in the on-line game reports submitted to NCRRL. The rules for call up players shall apply equally to skaters and goalies, except for the two exceptions noted above.

Call Up Rules for the NCRRL Year End Event

The NCRRL Year End Event is a Ringette Ontario Sanctioned Event.  As such, all call ups and player substitutions, including goalies, for this event must follow the same rules, process and approvals as a Tournament.  In particular, call ups cannot be from a team that is also participating in the Year End Event and all substitutions must be approved by the ERRA G&T Coordinator.  Please see “Substitution Matrix” above to determine permitted levels to substitute from.

Call up exceptions granted for regular season NCRRL play do not apply to this event.

Substitution requests must be documented on a NCRRL-specific TRF Adjustment Form available at

Completed forms should be sent to the ERRA G&T Coordinator at for approval.  Requests must be made a minimum of 5 days before the beginning of the tournament.  Last minute requests will only be considered in the case of extreme circumstances.

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