Disciplinary Procedures and Rules

Important Note: Following any game in which an expulsion penalty is assessed (“Misconduct” or “Match”) to any participant on either team, both head coaches must report the occurrance to the respective NCRRL level convenor and separately to the ERRA Games & Tournaments Coordinator (). These reports must be made within 24 hours of the incident occurring, or prior to the team’s next game, whichever is earlier. Coaches should also note that the requirement to contact the G&T coordinator applies to any game (including exhibition games), not just NCRRL league games.

Please see the Eastern Region Suspensions and Expulsions page for additional details.

Reviews and Formal Hearings

The NCRRL is responsible for all disciplinary matters arising out of NCRRL league games and NCRRL playoff games. This responsibility extends to any disciplinary matters arising out of Eastern Region teams participating in the LERQ / LRQ (in parallel to any disciplinary action that may be taken by the LRQ / LERQ).

An internal review and possible formal hearing will occur as a result of

  • Any Misconduct penalty
  • In any single game a individual accumulates 10 minutes of penalty time.
  • a individual accumulates a season-total of 40 minutes of penalty time.
  • A team is found to have an average PIM per game greater than both 10 minutes and 150% of the mean for their division

in games under NCRRL juristiction. A formal hearing will be held in the event of any Match penalty in a game under NCRRL juristiction.

In the event of a Formal Hearing

  • the player or team official appearing before the hearing panel is not permitted to participate in an league, tournament or exhibition game until the review process is complete and all assessed penalties and supplementary discipline, if applicable, has been served.
  • The review will be chaired by the NCRRL Discipline Chair
  • The review panel will include three to five objective members, including the NCRRL RIC (or designate), from a common pool within the region.


Misconduct Penalties

A misconduct penalty results in a next game suspension regardless of when the player or coaching staff received it, and is subject to review by the Home Association of the offending player(s) and/or coaching staff and may be subject to a League Judicial Hearing. Recurrence in the same season by the same player or same coaching staff shall result in an automatic two (2) game suspension and be subject to a League Judicial Hearing.


Match Penalties

  • Automatic three (3) game suspension if received during the game.
  • Automatic five (5) game suspension if received after the game or after the player in question has been asked to leave the ice and return to the dressing room.

The occurrence of a match penalty will automatically be subject to a League Judicial Hearing. Reoccurrence by the same player or same coaching staff of (a) results in automatic five (5) game suspension and of (b) results in automatic ten (10) game suspension, and also is subject to a League Judicial Hearing.

All hearings are to be convened within ten (10) days of the penalty being assessed.

All game suspensions are to be served in the next one (1), two (2), three (3), or more consecutive number of games (not including any Exhibition Games) depending upon the number of suspended games. Please note that if there is a Tournament that the player’s team is registered in, which occurs during the period of her suspension, the player will have to serve her suspension during the Tournament until whatever the length of games her suspension is for is complete . This is monitored between the League and ERRA.


Excessive Penalties:

A Head Coach whose team receives thirty (30) minutes in accumulated penalty time in regulation play (overtime is exempt) shall be suspended from the next regularly scheduled game. Should that person be the coach on more than one team, the one game suspension must be served with the team that received the excessive penalties.

A player who receives ten (10) minutes in accumulated penalty time, overtime included, shall be ejected from the remainder of the game. The player shall be suspended from the next regularly scheduled game.

All excessive penalties (Ten (10) minutes in a game for a player or thirty (30) minutes in a game for a coach) must be reported to the team’s Regional Games & Tournaments coordinator within twenty-four (24) hours by both teams or prior to the next schedule game – whichever is sooner.

Any game suspension, whether for misconduct penalty, excessive penalties or excessive penalties must be reported to the ERRA G&T Coordinator by the coaches of both teams within 24 hours or before the next scheduled game – whichever is sooner.

When a misconduct or match penalty or an excessive penalty call has been assessed, the coaches of both teams must also phone the League Age Group Convener within twenty-four (24) hours. The Home Association of the offending player(s) and/or coaching staff must report back to the League Executive before the next scheduled game.

If coaches do not comply with the above rule, they will be suspended, with the suspension being the same as the player(s) or coaching staff involved.

If an Association does not report or comply with the above, it will be subject to suspension by the League for the rest of the season.

Altercations occurring off-ice, e.g. on the way to the dressing room, shall be subject to review by the League Judicial Committee regardless if a match or misconduct penalty is imposed. These altercations occurring off-ice must be reported to the game referee immediately.

In the event a match, misconduct penalty or altercation results in a League Judicial Review of the actions of any player or any member of the coaching staff the head Coach is also personally subject to review and discipline.


Excessive Team Penalties:

The age group Convenor will contact any team if both the following two conditions are met at any point in the season after the team has played at least two games:

  • The team in question is averaging more than 10 pim per game, and
  • The team in question is averaging 50% more pim than the mean for the division.

Suggested Procedure

Step 1: League level convenors will review team pim totals on a regular, agreed upon basis (November 1st, December 1st, February 1st, March 1st) and red flag any team that is exceeding acceptable league guidelines either by 10 pim or more per game, and surpassing their division pim average by more than 50%.

Step 2: If a team exceeds on both qualifiers, the level convenor will contact the team coach by e-mail and c/c the respective association president. The convenor will ask that precautionary action be taken to reduce the number of penalties and avoid any possible discipline from the league. The convenor will follow-up as per the prescribed schedule.

Step 3: Upon the next review, if the team in question has not dropped down below the acceptable levels, under both qualifiers, the respective coach and president will be required to meet with the league discipline committee. Present at this meeting should be the league discipline chair, three members of the discipline pool with no conflict of interest, the level convenor, the team coach and association president. At this meeting the league will seek reasons why this team has accumulated so many pim, suggest ways to curb this behavior and outline possible repercussions if it is not done. Minutes of this meeting will be recorded and e-mailed to the respective coach and association president.



  • In a situation where LERQ rules do not exist, NCRRL rules will apply.
  • There are special U8/U9/U10 rules that apply solely to teams in these age groups. All coaches and managers of such teams should print off a copy of these rules and bring them to all games.
  • Players or bench staff receiving their second or third match or misconduct penalties in the same season are subject to greater suspensions.
  • It is the responsibility of the home association of the players or people involved to ensure all suspensions are fully served.
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