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Tournament Schedule Inspection Utility

Please use the form below to submit tournament schedules for scrutiny. The schedule sheet must be saved in "CSV" format. The Ice List is optional but if provided must also be saved in .CSV format.

Email Address:
Schedule File in CSV
CSV Ice List File (Optional)

Report Options
Require Type Column Maximum Games Per Day


New for 2015-16: The game "Type" column is required. At a minimum, any "Final", "Semi", "Ranking" or "SplitRR" games must be indicated in this column.

The schedule must be organized as a single table with a single row of column headings. The following column headings are mandatory. They are not case-sensitive but must be spelled as shown:

  • Division
  • Date
  • Time
  • Arena
  • Type
  • "Visitor", "Visiting Team" or "Away"
  • "Home" or "Home Team"

The order of the columns is not important. Additional columns are permitted, provided that they each have unique headings which do not conflict with the required headers. Commas are not permitted anywhere in the spreadsheet as this will confuse the routine which reads the file.

The schedule spreadsheet must be saved in "Comma-Separated-Value" format. In MS Excel, select the spreadsheet tab containing the master schedule, then select "File -> Save As", or "Save As", then "Other Formats" and then "CSV (Comman delimited)."

Macintosh users should select "WINDOWS comma separated (.csv)" as the Mac variant of .csv includes characters that the schedule checker cannot interpret.

Please see the Users' Guide link to the left for more detailed information on using this utility.

Support: Contact information for questions or to report issues with this utilty is provided in the Users' Guide (see the link labelled "Users Manual" to the left).