ERRA Competitive Tryout Registration

All players intending to attend competitive tryouts held by any ERRA association, including their own, are asked complete the on-line form below. Sign up information will be shared with the association hosting the tryouts a player plans to attend and also used to monitor tryout interest across Eastern Region. Players intending to attend tryouts held by associations other than their Home association must provide proof of registration from RAMP prior to getting on the ice for a tryout.

Any questions on this process should be directed to Jenn Thompson

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Home Association:
2022/23 Association:(currently playing for)
2022/23 Divison/Level:
 If your association does not offer the level of play being sought, will you try out for another association?
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GCRA: U14AA U14A U16AA U16A    
Ottawa: U14AA U14A U16AA U16A    
Nepean: U14AA U14A U16AA U16A    
WORA: U14AA U14A U16AA U16A    
Metcalfe:   U14A   U16A    
Arnprior:   U14A        
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Additional Infomation:


Tryout Information:

Associations fielding AA and/or A teams in the U14, U16, and U19 age groups in the 2023/24 season will be holding tryouts for these teams in the Spring of 2023. Please note that the teams planned by each association are subject to change.

Players may attend tryouts for a maximum of two associations and must follow the normal Ringette Ontario Tryout and Release process, including attending and giving first priority to their Home Association's tryouts, if held. Additional information on the Tryout and Release process, and on its requirements and obligations is provided at the bottom of this page. Please also see "Player Requirements" on the Tryout Information page on the ERRA web site

All players planning to attend any tryouts, including those held by their Home Association, must submit the form to the left. Sign up information will be shared with the association(s) hosting the tryouts a player plans to attend.

Tryout schedules will be posted on the individual association web sites. Additional information on the tryout process and requirements is posted on the Tryout Information page on the ERRA Web Site.

Instructions and Notices:

After completing the form and hitting "Submit" an acknowledgement page will be displayed. Players should print a copy of the acknowledgement page and present that, along with the required proof of registration when attending each tryout.

Registration with ERRA is an administrative procedure and does not guarantee a position with any team. All tryouts and player selections are conducted by the individual associations and subject to the policies of the association running that tryout. Tryout fees are set independently by each association.

Players new to Town

Players who have moved to the Ottawa-area (Eastern Region) from elsewhere, including students who have come to town to attend university or college are asked to include a note to that effect and their new address in the "Additional Information" block to the left. This will help the affected associations with their planning.

Additional Notes:

Home Association: For most players, their "home" association is the association covering where they live, or the association where they first played. Players must attend their home association's tryouts if the desired level of play is offered.

Current Association: For players who have been released to play for another association, their "current association" is the one they are currently playing for. Players having a current association must attend that association's tryouts unless the desired level of play is not offered by the current association, or if the player is attending only their home association's tryouts and no others.

Relocation: Players who have changed address (or will be over the summer) and wish to change their home association are required to submit notification to ERRA along with appropriate documentation. This documentation must be reviewed and approved by the ERRA Membership Services Coordinator. Until such approval has been communicated by the ERRA Coordinator, the player must continue to fulfill any and all obligations to her original home association, including attending their tryouts and obtaining proof of registration for any others.